What is SitiFM?

SITI.FM is an online radio - a dedicated fan site and operate twenty-four hours daily, (No FM Frequencies). It has been around since 15 June 2009.

Based on a Real-Time Stats (by Stream Provider), SITI.FM has garnered listeners across the Globe; notably, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei, and significantly among others receiving listeners from Germany, US, China, Australia, Thailand and Japan.

How it Started?

Khyree's idea of setting up the online radio came when he was introduced on an Online Broadcasting by his friend many years ago. After many trials and tests, the radio made it first "wave" at 8pm on 15 June 2009.


For the past few years, SITI.FM has been heavily involved in calling listeners to vote for Siti Nurhaliza in conjunction with an Award Ceremony whom results are determined by the count of votes.

SITI.FM has also collaborated with well-known artist like Dato' Fazley Yaakob ['Jaga-Jaga' & 'Chocolate Cake'], Sami Yusuf [Microsite on Sami Yusuf's - 'You Came to Me',] Blog Selebriti Malaya (now-defunct), Bod Siti Nurhaliza @ Forum Cari and Blog Dominasi Lelaki [Carta Lagu Siti Nurhaliza].

SITI.FM has gone through many changes; significantly from a no cost platform to a subscription based, in fact, listeners may experience a disruption-free streaming; SITI.FM was built just for fans and listeners.


CTFM was renamed as SITI.FM on 6 June 2016. It was decided after the previous domain came in expired. It is also to marked - SITI.FM 7th Anniversary.


Nobody can predict what the future holds, We are glad that SITI.FM overcame many challenges in the past years and continue to strive to improve the listeners experience. SITI.FM celebrates its 10th Anniversary with well-wishes coming in from listeners and DS Siti Nurhaliza on 15 June 2019.